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Elite Catering & Concessions started in 2016, as a concessions company, with one tent selling cheese curds. Over the years we have added several carts, food trucks and concepts to our fleet. You can now find us at over 40 events each year, throughout the Midwest.

Fargo Fillies

Highlighting a food truck as a wedding catering option is trending (especially since Covid-19 canceled so many weddings in 2020.) Rely on our experienced team to add that "elite" element for your special day. The elite advantage would not only include our awards winning flavors, but the fact that you can offer multiple concepts from just one vendor for more variety and attendee enjoyment!


Mac Daddy's

Whether it's a company Christmas party, anniversary/milestone celebration, or just a weekly rotating food truck where staff can pick up lunch if they wish, Elite has been there, done that. We're always open to hearing about new on-site ideas as well. Contact us about your event or celebration, we'll seamlessly help you check "the food" off of your to-do list.


Fried Pickles & Cheese Curds

Throughout the year you can find us at over 50 events all over the Upper Midwest. Have an event we should know about? Drop us a line with all of the details, maybe we'll join in the fun!


Hot Off The Press

Hot, fresh and newsworthy paninis and grilled cheese are the focus. The latest addition to the Elite Fleet can be a stand alone concept or added to one or all of our sister categories. Not only is this one tasty, it's eye catching as well.

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